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Sunshine and Good Times in Fernie

Well how ‘bout this weather we’re having?? It’s phenomenal! It’s glorious! It’s exactly what we like to see here in Fernie, BC! Blue skies, sunshine and warm temps…just what the doctor ordered! I’ve even taken the roof off of my Jeep already….twice! Fifty shades of green are donning the branches of all the trees, the […]

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So here I am on September 3, sitting in my office, still donning shorts and as I gaze out my office window I see…wait for it….yup…you guessed it….SNOW!! Really? Not even kidding! There is snow falling to mid-mountain! Now I’m a fan of winter but I’m not quite sure I am prepared for it just […]

The Countdown Has Begun in Fernie, BC!!

Sadly this could be my last winter post….the countdown has begun…only 26 days left in the ski season! I know what you’re thinking….I am amazed as well! Where did the season go? Well I figure time flies when you’re having fun and this winter has been no exception! It’s the middle of March, our snow […]

Powder Alert! Powder Alert! Fernie, BC!

We are celebrating in Fernie!! The Griz is bestowing upon us snowfall after snowfall of the lightest, fluffiest powder we’ve seen all season! The grins around town, around the office and most certainly on the chairlifts are truly a sight to behold! Jubilant skiers and snowboarders make for a happy little ski town – high […]

‘Fall’ing In Love With Fernie, BC

With Thanksgiving under our belts….or over our belts, depending on how much of Birdzilla you consumed, it’s time to start thinking about getting in shape for the winter. Oh I’m sure you did your fair share of walking, running, hiking, biking, golfing, fishing over the summer…but skiing and snowboarding use an entirely different muscle group […]

Fernie, BC – Where the Good Times Roll

Oh you bet! The good times are definitely rollin’ in good ol’ Fernietown! The weather has been extraordinary and the fun we’re having just never seems to end! Why should it? Life is too short to sit around wondering whether or not you should come to Fernie…..just do it! You won’t regret it and once […]

Your Playground Awaits You in Fernie, BC

Well, another long weekend for the record books…and what a weekend it was! With very little precipitation, Mother Nature fired up her golden ball of sunshine and kept us smiling as we enjoyed all the outdoor activities Fernie has to offer. Whether it was hiking, biking, golfing or merely strolling along the river, Fernie was […]

Living in a Winter Wonderland – Fernie, BC

Good grief…where the dickens did February go? I haven’t posted since January! How did that happen?? Oh wait…I know…I’ve been skiing, skiing, skiing! That’s what we do here in Fernie…enjoy the great outdoors to its fullest extent…why wouldn’t we? We are blessed with magnificent mountains blanketed in epic powder snow….Fernie Alpine Resort, Island Lake Catskiing […]

So This One Time In Fernie I……

You know, I go on and on about the skiing in Fernie and as you may have ascertained, I am an avid skier…my first boots were lace ups and my skis were wood with bear trap bindings. No, I’m not THAT old, but with 5 kids in our family…well, you get the idea….my parents were….thrifty. […]