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First Class Fishing in Fernie’s Famous Elk River

Well that’s a mouthful and a half….wasn’t really sure how to word it but there you have it…..we have a fishing paradise here in Fernie and men, women and children come from all over the world to test our waters. Fish stories are exchanged daily over mugs of steaming lattés and cappuccinos….about the one that […]

I Remember December…..in Fernie BC

Why on earth I am thinking about December is beyond me! I mean really…we still have blue skies, sunshine, trails to explore, golf to play and fish to catch! I suppose that with the colder nights, one can’t help but start to dream about snow capped mountains, face shots and Mogul Smokers at the Griz […]

Dog Days of Summer and a Blue Moon in Fernie BC

Well, we are managing to cling to summer here in Fernie! The forecast for the next 14 days is nothing but sunshine and blue skies! Sure the evenings are cooler, but the weather during the day is so fantastic for hiking, biking and golfing! I’m sure there are trails you’ve yet to try and perhaps […]

Rollin’ on the River in Fernie BC

Well, with all this nice warm weather we’ve been having, I have been somewhat remiss in my postings…my bad….but seriously I would much rather be out hiking, biking, golfing or floating the river in all this glorious sunshine than glued to my computer writing about why you should come to visit!  Speaking of floating the […]

Fernie BC…The Best Place For a Bucket List!

Well, one Bucket List item less…I finally hiked Mountain Lakes Trail (Heiko’s Trail)! Yup….sure did! What an amazing experience! They say pictures say a thousand words but honestly no picture can paint that scenery. It took us 8 hours, with a couple of stops for snacks and lunch, but all in all…a great workout! We […]

Summer Time and the Livin’ is Easy in Fernie, BC!

Well would you look at that big yellow thing in the sky! It’s called the sun and it is here to stay for the summer! There really is nothing more beautiful anywhere in the world than Fernie in my opinion and that’s the main reason I’m here to stay. Oh there are other reasons…a plethora […]

Fernie B.C. is Nothing Short of a Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a sleepy little coal town nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains in the East Kootenays, some exciting things happened – the town was abuzz – a ski hill was built and curious adventurers traveled from far and wide to see this wondrous new addition. Soon they wanted to stay for […]

Well Hello Summer! Thanks For Showing Up!

So I think my ranting in yesterday’s post woke Mother Nature up! Today is the first day of summer and the clouds are giving way to some azure blue and the sun is peeping through! Fernie is looking absolutely spectacular….decorated in lush, varying shades of green and dotted with colourful wildflowers poking their way towards […]