Autumn in Fernie BC Merely Takes My Breath Away

Autumn in Fernie BC Merely Takes My Breath AwayI know I know….I did not post last week….shame on me! But seriously…the weather has been so amazing that I just couldn’t bring myself to sit inside and stare at a computer screen! The sun has been a brilliant orb of yellow in the azure sky and its rays have been dancing upon the gold, orange and red of the autumn leaves and when it sets, the vibrant colours literally take your breath away. The majestic mountain peaks have been powdered with white a little bit here and there but they still host the lush green of the mighty conifers as they effortlessly slope into the Elk Valley. Now don’t you fret…..Mother Nature will be delivering winter to us soon enough, but this is the time of year to enjoy the great outdoors and reflect on the many reasons why we all ended up here. There is still time after work to go for a run, a bike ride…and the weekends are still prime for that big hike you’ve been putting off and according to the locals, the fishin’ ain’t half bad either. I am so in love with Fernie that it still puzzles me as to why it took me so long to move here but no need to dwell on that cuz I’m here now and that’s all that matters!

Speaking of all this beautiful weather, it is the perfect opportunity to start your outdoor fitness regime in preparation for the epic ski season that is just around the corner. Hiking! Up the trail is a great way to work on those calf muscles and your cardio. Soon you won’t have to search for your lung on the way down – you’ll only be conscious of the quad workout which simply can’t be beat. I remember after my first big hike last year I might as well have taken a sledge hammer to my quads the next day…ouch…but it was a good pain! Always remember that…the stellar shape your legs are in on your first day down Concussion or Papa Bear is so rewarding and well worth the après hike pain.  Why not turn it into a full body workout? Make the trail into your own personal boot camp….find a tree to do upright push-ups against or use the railings on a bridge; when the trail is flat I want to see lunges, lunges and more lunges and when you stop for lunch, stomach crunches pre and post food will help you on your way to that 6-pack you’ve dreamed of! Hiking can be social, fun and where else can you have such spectacular views when you’re working out?

So here’s the deal…head to Fernie and take advantage of one of our great summer/fall specials valid until November 30. Go for a hike, swim some laps in our heated outdoor pool, book a treatment at our King Fir Spa and then soak in your private hot tub. All our vacation properties have fully equipped kitchens for you to cook up your own gourmet meal or head out to downtown historic Fernie only 10 minutes away and treat yourself to a delightful dining experience at one of our many excellent pubs or restaurants. I insist!

November 1 is typically when I commence my snow dancing and trust me – that in itself is one heck of a workout! Try it…you’ll like it! When the snow flies fast and furious you can give yourself a pat on the back and say to yourself, “Job well done”! Book your winter ski holiday prior to October 31 and receive a great discount! We can create the perfect getaway for you…resort homes, log cabins, chalets, lodges and condo suites…you name it, we’ve got it!

Let us take care of your vacation – it’s what we do!

Photo Credit: Steve Morrison