Calling Mother Nature…Fernie BC Wants Summer NOW!!

Calling Mother Nature...Fernie BC Wants Summer NOW!!Okay so here’s the deal. Thanks to my parents, I’m a pretty optimistic person. You know…the glass is half full, when one door closes another one opens….you get the idea. Well it would seem Mother Nature is testing me! I have never chanted, “Rain, rain, go away…” so many times in my life! I even tried it in 4 different languages and came up with three new tunes to sing it to! It is time for some summer and sunshine! I left Fernie for another part of BC over the weekend to attend an annual family gathering….a place renowned for sunshine but alas, the rain was torrential there as well. Now having said that, equipped with large tents, umbrellas, rain gear and a roaring bonfire, nobody’s spirits were dampened and the weekend was full of family, friends, laughter and some crazy game called Chickens Ready. The same thing applies here in Fernie…..going mountain biking or hiking? Rain gear. Golfing? Umbrella. There are always ways to enjoy the great outdoors even in inclement weather…you simply have to be prepared. Just like in the winter when you book your ski vacation package – good weather or fresh snow are never a guarantee, but you plan for anything and everything!

In the winter we rely on The Griz to bless us with an abundance of snow and in the summer afternoon sun we see, or perhaps I should re-phrase…..we would like to see the legendary Ghostrider show himself on the face of Mt. Hosmer. Fernie is full of legends and history and should not be missed when you head out on your summer road trip! There are endless Fernie accommodations available and we can help tailor your summer holiday to include an abundance of activities whether it’s horseback riding with Alpine Enthusiasts, fly fishing with Fernie Fly Fishing, golfing at Fernie Golf and Country Club, guided hiking at Island lake Lodge, white water rafting with Canyon Raft Company or a spa treatment at King Fir Spa. Let us share our little piece of heaven with you!

Love Fernie in the Summer!