Favourite Hikes and Après Hike Patios in Fernie, BC

Favourite Hikes and Après Hike Patios in Fernie, BCI love to go a-wandering,
Along the mountain trail,
And as I go, I love to sing,
My Camelback full of ale…

Oh wait! Wrong words….water….it’s full of water! The ale is for après hike, sitting in the sun on one of Fernie’s many patios. So let’s go for a hike first! Fernie is a hiker’s haven…..so many to choose from that sometimes the summer just doesn’t seem long enough. Last summer I was lucky enough to spend a number of days on the trails and I have decided to share with you 5 trails that stand out – some family friendly and some a little more adventurous and challenging.

Castle Mountain: Prepare yourself for a 4 – 6 hour round trip (also used for mountain biking) with spectacular views of our beautiful valley once at the top. There are 2 ways to access the trail, either from River Road or from Cokato Road, so you can actually go up and back down on 2 separate trails.
Old Growth Trail: Very family friendly and only a 1 hour round trip. Rain or shine, the giant ancient cedars canopy you as you make your way to Island Lake Lodge. Stop and grab some lunch on the famous Bear Lodge deck before you wind your way back down or head out on another of Island Lake’s diverse and well maintained trails.
Mt Hosmer: Plan on using up a day to explore the full two part hike to the summit of this spectacular peak – home to our legendary Ghostrider. There are some switchbacks, steep hills and scrambles but worth it once atop this magnificent mountain. Watch for mountain goats!
Mt Fernie: The easiest access is just off the power line above Alpine Trails/Parkland Terrace. This hike is approximately 3 hours and can be a tad scrambly towards the top, but there are benches strategically placed at amazing viewpoints and the view from the top is absolutely awesome! The trail meets up with the notorious Mountain Lakes Trail aka Heiko’s Trail which brings you to Island Lake Road just below the lodge and I will be honest, I’ve not done this latter one yet but it is definitely on my bucket list!
Lizard Lake: Accessed via Island Lake’s lower parking lot, Lizard Lake although a relatively short hike gains vertical fairly quickly. It leads to a lake found just below the peaks of the Lizard Range. There is a rough game trail above the lake if you want to get to the top – it becomes fairly challenging – but if you like bushwhacking, loose rock, snow and complicated terrain (which all seem to be criteria when hiking with my sister Sue) then all the power to you. The sea of wildflowers and the view of Lake Koocanusa will be your reward…you may even spot a few mountain goats!

Well there you have it…some great trails to choose from. Now for the après hike info….I seem to be good at this part …my top 5 Fernie patio picks:

Bear Lodge Deck at Island Lake Lodge – Sunshine, Sangria & Smoked Cod Pasta
Bridge Bistro – Half Chicken and Rib Dinner
The Clubhouse at Fernie Golf and Country Club – Clubhouse Sandwich & Daily Drink Special
Kelsey’s at Fernie Alpine Resort – Hit it on a Thursday after the race series and enjoy half price wings
The Curry Bowl – Sit rooftop and enjoy an ice cold Stella and a tantalizing Mango/Shrimp Curry

Once you’ve hiked til your legs are jelly and you’ve filled your belly come stay with us at Fernie Lodging Company! Check out our Summer Savings on our accommodations which include cabins, condos, chalets and resort homes.

Love Fernie in the Summer!

Fernie B.C. is Nothing Short of a Fairy Tale

Fernie B.C. is Nothing Short of a Fairy TaleOnce upon a time, in a sleepy little coal town nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains in the East Kootenays, some exciting things happened – the town was abuzz – a ski hill was built and curious adventurers traveled from far and wide to see this wondrous new addition. Soon they wanted to stay for days at a time so accommodations were built…..cozy little cabins, chalets, lodges and condos. These folk needed to eat and just like a well-watered garden, an eclectic assortment of restaurants began popping up all over town. Cat skiing, nordic skiing and snowmobiling all surged forward in popularity. Wow! Fernie BC certainly seemed to be booming in the winter….but what about summer?

Fernie is blessed with natural outdoor elements……mountains for hiking, river for fishing and white water rafting, and thanks to a group of passionate, experienced volunteers in the community, some very well maintained biking trails throughout the whole valley. Now once again, something exciting has happened…the town is abuzz…..the Fernie Aerial Playground & Rippin’ Zipline at Fernie Alpine Resort is open and I was fortunate enough to try it out on the weekend….are you kidding me? I don’t think I could have had more fun if I tried! Three hours of pure adrenalin – climbing, balancing, crawling and playing on ropes, cables, tires, snowboards, logs, swings, etc and zipping from tree to tree…I believe I may have even done a chest-pounding Tarzan yell at one point! It was suggested by the very well trained, safety-oriented, friendly staff that I should start on the green (easy) features as it was my first time and then gradually move up to blue (intermediate) but within an hour or so, I was way up into the atmosphere stylin’ it on the blacks (most difficult) where I discovered that at my age I’m still pretty limber! This place is fantastic and will be great for families, parties, team building, and corporate retreats! I cannot wait to go back again…it’s kind of addictive!

So gather the family together and take advantage of our Fernie Family Play & Stay Deal which includes accommodation, mountain biking and a family pass to the Aerial Playground. Or perhaps go visit your boss and tell him it’s high time for a team building session or even a corporate retreat and let us help you organize it. Come to Fernie and live happily ever after!

Love Fernie in the Summer!

Well Hello Summer! Thanks For Showing Up!

Well Hello Summer! Thanks For Showing Up!So I think my ranting in yesterday’s post woke Mother Nature up! Today is the first day of summer and the clouds are giving way to some azure blue and the sun is peeping through! Fernie is looking absolutely spectacular….decorated in lush, varying shades of green and dotted with colourful wildflowers poking their way towards the heavens above. The 14 day forecast is showing lots of little sunshine icons which puts a great big smile on my face! There’s really nothing better than Fernie in the summer! So many things to do….how do you fit them all in? Well for a start, you need to check out our Fernie Family Play and Stay Deal which includes accommodation, an Aerial Playground & Rippin’ Zipline family pass and one full day of lift accessed mountain biking…how great is that? Fernie Alpine Resort opens for a preview weekend of their summer operations June 23 and 24 and then they will be in full swing, 7 days a week, as of June 29.

Visit our Events Calendar to stay up to date on all the wild and wonderful activities you simply must not miss…..and then book your Fernie, BC summer getaway in one of our cozy cabin rentals or spacious condo suites and don’t forget to bring your bathing suit and enjoy the heated outdoor pool and hot tubs!

If you are a participant in the Furious3 or the TransRockies Challenge mountain bike races, give us a call – have we got a deal for you on your accommodation!

Love Fernie in the Summer!

Calling Mother Nature…Fernie BC Wants Summer NOW!!

Calling Mother Nature...Fernie BC Wants Summer NOW!!Okay so here’s the deal. Thanks to my parents, I’m a pretty optimistic person. You know…the glass is half full, when one door closes another one opens….you get the idea. Well it would seem Mother Nature is testing me! I have never chanted, “Rain, rain, go away…” so many times in my life! I even tried it in 4 different languages and came up with three new tunes to sing it to! It is time for some summer and sunshine! I left Fernie for another part of BC over the weekend to attend an annual family gathering….a place renowned for sunshine but alas, the rain was torrential there as well. Now having said that, equipped with large tents, umbrellas, rain gear and a roaring bonfire, nobody’s spirits were dampened and the weekend was full of family, friends, laughter and some crazy game called Chickens Ready. The same thing applies here in Fernie…..going mountain biking or hiking? Rain gear. Golfing? Umbrella. There are always ways to enjoy the great outdoors even in inclement weather…you simply have to be prepared. Just like in the winter when you book your ski vacation package – good weather or fresh snow are never a guarantee, but you plan for anything and everything!

In the winter we rely on The Griz to bless us with an abundance of snow and in the summer afternoon sun we see, or perhaps I should re-phrase…..we would like to see the legendary Ghostrider show himself on the face of Mt. Hosmer. Fernie is full of legends and history and should not be missed when you head out on your summer road trip! There are endless Fernie accommodations available and we can help tailor your summer holiday to include an abundance of activities whether it’s horseback riding with Alpine Enthusiasts, fly fishing with Fernie Fly Fishing, golfing at Fernie Golf and Country Club, guided hiking at Island lake Lodge, white water rafting with Canyon Raft Company or a spa treatment at King Fir Spa. Let us share our little piece of heaven with you!

Love Fernie in the Summer!

Okay Seriously – Time to Plan Your Fernie Summer Vacation

Okay Seriously – Time to Plan Your Fernie Summer VacationSummer is coming…I can feel it! Yes, we’ve had our unfair share of the ‘monsoon’ and the Elk River is challenging the very banks that guide it through our beautiful valley, but everything is looking so green and lush. Riding our mountain bikes along River Road to Morrissey (we chose to stay off single tracks to preserve them until they are able to dry out) on Sunday afternoon took longer than usual because we kept stopping to take in the spectacular views…okay fine, we may have also stopped to ensure our lungs weren’t splayed on the road behind us after what seemed like endless steep uphill sections….but the scenery definitely helped the recovery process! That’s the thing about Fernie…it is positively therapeutic. Speaking of which, we are home to some of the best massage therapy in BC and after partaking in all the outdoor activities you can possibly fit into one day, what better to do than book an appointment in one of our many spas for some relaxing and pampering?

There are always lots of events and activities happening throughout the summer in Fernie, but I think what I am most excited about is Fernie Alpine Resort’s new Aerial Playground & Rippin’ Zip Line! My adrenaline starts pumping the minute I think about taking that leap of faith and traversing through the rope course….60 feet off the ground…woohoo! They are having a summer operations preview weekend on June 23 and 24 and then open 7 days a week as of June 29. I will be first in line on June 23….come join me won’t you? I can even organize your Fernie accommodation! We have a greatSPECIAL for the preview weekend and awesome mid week and long stay specials available all summer whether you choose to rent a cozy cabin or a condo suite.

The Elk River opens for fishing on June 15, the Fernie Raft Race happens on June 20 and there will be a Travel Photography Workshop at Island Lake Lodge June 25 – June 28. Following closely is the 3 day multi-staged Furious 3 Mountain Bike Race June 30 – July 2 and further into the summer athletes from around the world gather in Fernie as they negotiate our famous single tracks for the epic mountain bike race known as the TransRockies. How much adrenalin can you handle in one summer? Come to Fernie and find out!

Now although summer is only just starting to paint us with her bronzer, it’s never too early to plan your ski vacation packages for next season. Call us today and we’ll make your Fernie BC dream getaway come true!

Love Fernie in the Summer!

The Decision to Move to Fernie Took Me Way Too Long!

The Decision to Move to Fernie Took Me Way Too Long!Although I have been visiting Fernie on a fairly regular basis over the last 2 decades to visit my sister and her family, I only moved here this past September and I have not regretted one single second of living here. Admittedly, there has been a fair amount of precipitation of late, but there are still plenty of things to do in this quaint little resort town. Time to do some exploring and where better than the Fernie Museum or visit the beautiful Fernie Heritage Library housed in the building that survived the Fire of 1908. There is the Vogue Theatre if you’re into popcorn and a movie but one of my favorite places is The Arts Station – the hub of Fernie’s cultural scene. With 2 art galleries featuring our very talented local artists, a 110 seat theatre and painting and pottery studios, there is always something going on!

I’m still on my ‘get in shape for summer’ program and this weekend was no exception. Yes Saturday was wet, but thanks to my stereo blasting out some classic rock, my condo is now spic and span and I’m sure I burned hundreds of calories doing my ‘cleaning dance’ to the Stones, Queen and even a little Zeppelin. Sunday morning looked brighter, so it was time for some outdoor activity. 18 holes of golf…here we come! I mean, even if we did get wet, has anyone actually melted from a little rain?? We headed out for an 8:30am shotgun start, had a great round, lunch in the clubhouse and then off for some mountain biking in the afternoon. We chose to preserve the single track trails and instead headed up to Island Lake Lodge via the road. What a fantastic ride!  I will admit however that the last section was all up hill and at one point I may have vocalized a few untoward verbs and adjectives but just quietly enough for my friend not to hear…didn’t want him to think I was whining! The rewards upon arrival at the Lodge are breathtaking mountain views and beautiful log lodges nestled amongst majestic evergreens, perched above a beautiful little lake. They will open their accommodation, restaurant and hiking trails for summer on June 16 and on June 17 they will serve up their annual Father’s Day Brunch.

Speaking of Father’s Day, why not treat dad to a summer getaway in Fernie? We have great ‘summer savings’ accommodation specials – cozy cabins, condos, chalets and resort homes with endless Fernie activities for Dad to partake in. Come stay with us mid week and get your 3rd night 50% off or book a full week and experience Fernie the right way…stay 7 pay 6!

Love Fernie in the Summer!

Every Day is a Play Day in Fernie, BC!

Every Day is a Play Day in Fernie, BC!There is never a dull moment in Fernie! Truthfully, I can’t even remember the last time I was feeling house bound…suffering from cabin fever…bored out of my mind…craving a vacation….you get the idea, right? Why would I want to go to another resort town when I live in a little piece of heaven right here where, in a heartbeat, there is whitewater rafting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, golfing and horseback riding? This past weekend was no exception as I decided to improve my mountain biking skills and participate in the Women’s “Spring Into It” Weekend through Fernie Bike Guides. The guides were incredible, the skills learned so valuable, I made new lifelong friends and it was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I was also able to entertain my fellow ‘Flow Sisters’ as I shot over my handle bars not once, but twice during our final descent on Sunday afternoon and I am sporting the ‘colours’ to prove it!

Fernie, BC is a summer vacation gem and conveniently placed just a short distance away from some fabulous lakes such as Koocanusa, Tie and Surveyors. If you haven’t planned your summer vacation yet, let us help make it happen!  Pack up the car, the kids, your toys and come spend a week or even two in one of our accommodations located at the base of Fernie Alpine Resort. Fully equipped kitchens make it a breeze to bring groceries to create summer culinary delights or fire up the shared BBQ facilities and have a cook-off contest with family and friends. In addition, the swimming pools at Snow Creek Lodge and Timberline Lodge are outdoor and heated so a little poolside play could also be in the works! This summer Fernie Alpine Resort will be operating 7 days a week for mountain biking and hiking and the most exciting news is that they are introducing Fernie Aerial Playground & Rippin’ Zipline!

We have the largest selection of on mountain accommodation in Fernie! Check out our SPECIALS…cozy cabins, private hot tubs, condos or vacation homes…we have it all!

Love Fernie in the Summer!
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Why Isn’t Every Weekend a Long Weekend in Fernie, BC?

Why Isn’t Every Weekend a Long Weekend in Fernie, BCWell, wasn’t that a weekend! Summer in Fernie is drawing near!

Sitting at my desk Friday afternoon, booking accommodations for some out-of-towners for the long weekend, I couldn’t help but gaze out the window at the blue skies and sunshine. C’mon 5 o’clock…hurry up! Time to play for 3 whole days! Oh what to do…what to do….? After what seemed like an eternal week of work the last thing I wanted to do was go home and cook dinner. Fernie has an eclectic variety of restaurants but our choice for Friday was Picnic Tapas and Social. With their exciting new menu and a great selection of some of the world’s finest wines, we were treated to a culinary delight.

And speaking of delight, we did our first hike of the season. We drove to Elko and hit the trailhead to Silver Spring Lakes. Now most people follow the well marked trail that winds along the shores of these three dazzling and colourful lakes but my sister is a bit of an adventurer and took us on a bushwhacking expedition on the other side of the lakes high upon the cliffs. We eventually made our way to the “regular” trail and were treated to spectacular scenery and some beautiful birds including Kingfishers, Loons, Song Sparrows and a Golden Eagle soaring high above. The wildflowers are already making their vibrant entrance – Clematis, Indian Paint Brush, Penstemon and Jacob’s Ladder. Next time we’re loading up the mountain bikes and heading to Silver Springs Rim Trail for some great cross country riding.

I feel so privileged to live in Fernie and the Elk Valley where we can walk out the door and participate in so many outdoor activities including white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, golfing or just observing nature in all its splendour. Why don’t you come for a visit and stay in one of our on mountain accommodations? The choices are endless – whether it’s a resort home for a family reunion, 2 bedroom suites with a meeting room for corporate retreats or a romantic getaway in a cozy Fernie cabin nestled away in the forest with its own private hot tub.

Love Fernie in the Summer

Oh Fernie, How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways….

Oh Fernie, How Do I Love Thee Let Me Count The Ways….The weather in Fernie, BC this past weekend reminds me of how grateful I am to live in such an amazing resort town. The sunrises and sunsets dancing with the mountains are spectacular and they make me smile at the start and finish of my day. With the weather so beautiful, it’s a local’s goal to pack as much into one day as possible and usually a bike ride is on the list of activities. The trails are in great shape right now and as I nervously navigated my way along Deadfall and Sidewinder and a number of other trails whose names I seem to have blocked from memory it occurred to me that having only one year of mountain biking under my belt, I really need to learn some tricks of the trade. Well guess what! Fernie Bike Guides is offering all sorts of camps this spring and summer and of particular interest to me is the Women’s “Spring Into It” Weekend on May 26 and 27. Look out boys….I’ll be unstoppable after 2 days of professional coaching! They still have room ladies, so give them a call! Then we can all enter the Fantastic Fernie portion of the TransRockies! If you need a place to stay, call me and I can give you a 10% discount on lodging….imagine lounging in the swimming pool after a hard day on the trails!

As the May long weekend approaches and the forecast looking great, come play with us in Fernie! Whether it’s fishing, mountain biking, hiking or golfing in the great outdoors, or dining in one of our fabulous restaurants we want you to come for a visit! Book your accommodation with us and take advantage of one of our great Spring Deals.

Love Fernie in the Spring Time!

Bike Trails, Golf Tales and Mommy Dearest!

Bike Trails, Golf Tales and Mommy Dearest!Well, my spring training is still in full swing! Swing? Why yes….my first round of golf last weekend at St. Eugene Golf Resort was so much fun but perhaps I should have gone to the driving range prior to the first tee box! Oh well, lots of time for that especially as Fernie Golf and Country Club is opening today, Wednesday May 9th! I love golf in Fernie but mainly the social side of it and the magnificent 360 degree views you are treated to as you make your way along the beautiful 18 hole championship course which, when walking, is great exercise.

Mountain biking in Fernie is huge! Just ask some of the diehards hitting the single track trails this weekend….mud? The more the better! I even had mud after Sunday’s ride…okay perhaps it was a couple of drops from a puddle on the road, but I felt pretty hardcore! If you’re not quite ready to venture onto the single tracks, some of which are still clinging to wintery conditions, why not go for distance, spinning and cardio? There are some awesome back roads that are in perfect shape…..including Morrissey to Elko which adds up to about 30kms round trip. We even saw our first black bear of the season!

After a good ride or a less than stellar round of golf that convinces me I would never have made the LPGA, my first thought is….c’mon body…don’t seize up! That’s when I start dreaming about being pampered. With Mother’s Day swiftly approaching, all us Moms are thinking about our special day. Gentlemen…how about sending us on a 2 night girl’s getaway where our accommodation is a luxury suite with our own private hot tub, a 2 hour spa package and a complimentary bottle of wine? We deserve it!

Love Fernie in the Spring Time!
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