There’s Something in the Air in Fernie BC

There's Something in the Air in Fernie BCSo I’m sitting here in my office, staring out at the top of the mountains dusted with fresh snow, wondering where on earth the summer went! Is it really September 30th? The trees are all starting to take on their fall colours and there is a definite chill in the air….the anticipation of winter is slowly starting to make its way into our heads…only a few months before we don our ski gear and head out for first run of the season! But wait! As much as I love skiing and snow, I’m not quite ready to pack away my bike, my hiking boots or my golf clubs! No sir….I am still going to do as much as I can on our trails and our beautiful golf course which sadly closes Thanksgiving weekend. This year I golfed more than I ever have before…my future with the LPGA still not looking good, but the more I play the more I love the sport.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, it is one of my favourite holiday weekends….it’s all about family and turkey dinner. A tradition in our house is to go around the dinner table and each say what we are grateful for. One year, when my son was young, it was his turn…he looked around the table at all of us with big eyes and as I thought, “Oh no….he can’t come up with anything!” be blurted out, “I’m just thankful I’m not the turkey!” Oh my…how we laughed! Although I find it hard to leave my beautiful Fernie, I am heading to Vernon with my sister and brother-in-law to spend the long weekend with my parents which will be lots of fun and full of activities. My parents aren’t your normal late 70 year olds and in fact my sister and I find it a challenge at times to keep up to them! They play in 2 bands, ride their horses in the Monashee Mountains throughout the summer, wrangle their cattle on their property; downhill ski, cross country ski, snowshoe and snowmobile in the winter. They live in the middle of 80 acres, have solar power, their own water system, their own saw mill and they fell trees and buck them up for firewood. We refer to them as The Bush Parents and I’m sure you can see why!

If you’re thinking how great it would be to get the whole family together for Thanksgiving….away from the city…a little mini vacation, come to Fernie! We have a great special that weekend…one you really shouldn’t miss out on! How does a 30% discount sound to you? Imagine the whole gang nestled into one of our resort homes, a cozy log cabin or a condo suite with your own private hot tub, fireplace and fully equipped kitchen.  Call today and let me help you put together your best Thanksgiving weekend ever!

Let us take care of your vacation – it’s what we do!

Photo: Elk River
Photo Credit: Heather Boyd