Why Isn’t Every Weekend a Long Weekend in Fernie, BC?

Why Isn’t Every Weekend a Long Weekend in Fernie, BCWell, wasn’t that a weekend! Summer in Fernie is drawing near!

Sitting at my desk Friday afternoon, booking accommodations for some out-of-towners for the long weekend, I couldn’t help but gaze out the window at the blue skies and sunshine. C’mon 5 o’clock…hurry up! Time to play for 3 whole days! Oh what to do…what to do….? After what seemed like an eternal week of work the last thing I wanted to do was go home and cook dinner. Fernie has an eclectic variety of restaurants but our choice for Friday was Picnic Tapas and Social. With their exciting new menu and a great selection of some of the world’s finest wines, we were treated to a culinary delight.

And speaking of delight, we did our first hike of the season. We drove to Elko and hit the trailhead to Silver Spring Lakes. Now most people follow the well marked trail that winds along the shores of these three dazzling and colourful lakes but my sister is a bit of an adventurer and took us on a bushwhacking expedition on the other side of the lakes high upon the cliffs. We eventually made our way to the “regular” trail and were treated to spectacular scenery and some beautiful birds including Kingfishers, Loons, Song Sparrows and a Golden Eagle soaring high above. The wildflowers are already making their vibrant entrance – Clematis, Indian Paint Brush, Penstemon and Jacob’s Ladder. Next time we’re loading up the mountain bikes and heading to Silver Springs Rim Trail for some great cross country riding.

I feel so privileged to live in Fernie and the Elk Valley where we can walk out the door and participate in so many outdoor activities including white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, golfing or just observing nature in all its splendour. Why don’t you come for a visit and stay in one of our on mountain accommodations? The choices are endless – whether it’s a resort home for a family reunion, 2 bedroom suites with a meeting room for corporate retreats or a romantic getaway in a cozy Fernie cabin nestled away in the forest with its own private hot tub.

Love Fernie in the Summer