Hot Tub Maintenance Solutions

Fernie Lodging Company provides qualified staff to ensure your assets are well maintained and in safe working order all year round. As a highly regarded vacation rental manager operating in the Canadian Rockies for more than 20 years, we offer experience, commitment, and reliability to give you peace of mind.

To find our more about our hot tub maintenance services, contact our office at (250) 423-6878. We are open 7 days a week, 9:00 am to 5:00 PM with extended hours during winter months.

Why Hot Tub Maintenance Is Important

Hot tubs can provide a therapeutic experience after a hard day on the slopes or a relaxing get away from a busy work week. However, when not properly maintained they can also provide a breeding ground for a number of bacteria that can cause infection or disease. These bacteria can be easily controlled and removed by maintaining the disinfectant level of the water. The more hot tubs are used, the faster the disinfectant in the water gets used. Organic material in the water including dirt, soap, shampoo, body oils, perspiration, food, and drinks can also negatively impact the effectiveness of your tub maintenance and chemical levels.

Introductory Offer

Fernie Lodging Co’s introductory offer is our solution to your hot tub needs! We are happy to offer all new clients the FIRST MONTH FREE when you sign up for our one year ‘Weekly Service Plan’.

As part your hot tub maintenance plan we will ensure your tub is running smoothly and efficiently. By taking the guesswork out of maintaining your tub, you will have peace of mind and more free time to enjoy the important things in life.

One Time Service Pricing

Drain, Clean & Fill Service

Single Visit
Cost: $149.00 + Taxes

This one-time service includes:

  • Drain tub
  • Clean with a non-abrasive cleaner
  • Gloss (polish) tub
  • Clean filters
  • Refill tub
  • Turn system on and monitor
  • Test water
  • Balance chemicals*
  • Report any problem areas
  • And if applicable, clean the hardcover

*All necessary chemicals are included in pricing

Weekly Service Plan Pricing

Weekly Service Package

One (1) Visit Per Week for 12 Months
$179.00/Month + Taxes
25% Discount off additional Drain, Clean & Fill Service

The Weekly Service Package is recommended for hot tubs being used 3 out of 4 weekends a month. This package maintains excellent water quality for owners and guests, combined with the necessary equipment maintenance for the longevity of the hot tub.

Weekly Service Plans include the following:

  • Hot tub is visited on a scheduled day, weekly.
  • All chemicals are INCLUDED, no chemicals are stored at the site.
  • All equipment needed to service hot tub is provided by Fernie Lodging Company.
  • Filter cleaning is included quarterly.
  • Complete water quality testing and chemical balancing.
  • Inspection of water temperature and level.
  • Inspection of spa pack including pump, heater and filter components for leaks or malfunctions.
  • Checks to ensure all jets and air controls are functioning.
  • Hot tub vacuum and surface cleaning.
  • Hot tub cover cleaning and treatments.
  • Shoveling snow from cover and hot tub steps during visit.
  • Two regularly scheduled water changes in spring and fall.*
  • A Service Technician is on-call 365 days a year to handle any troubles with your hot tub.
  • On‐site log documents recording visits to the property.

*Additional water changes (where necessary due to heavier than usual usage or accumulation of organic material) will be billed at the rate of $111.75 + Taxes (standard rate with 25% discount applied).


Please Note:

  • Monthly rates do not include maintenance or repairs of spa pumps and other equipment related to electrical, heating or plumbing issues. Non-contract repair and maintenance appointments are billed $85.00 per hour + Taxes with a one-hour minimum. In the event we need to return to complete a job, you will not be charged the minimum twice. Any additional maintenance will not be undertaken until approval is given by you, the owner.
  • Pricing may be higher in special circumstances, such as abnormal spa conditions, larger spas and/or long travel distances.
  • Contract pricing is based on a 12-month agreement. All pricing is subject to change without notice unless guaranteed in a signed maintenance contract. If unsatisfied, you may cancel your contract within 30 days. Termination of contract after 30 days will incur a Cancellation Fee equivalent to 3 months service.

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