So This One Time In Fernie I……

So This One Time In Fernie I……You know, I go on and on about the skiing in Fernie and as you may have ascertained, I am an avid skier…my first boots were lace ups and my skis were wood with bear trap bindings. No, I’m not THAT old, but with 5 kids in our family…well, you get the idea….my parents were….thrifty. But that didn’t stop us….no sir! My brother Rob went on to race on the Canadian National Ski Team for 13 years, my sister Sue made the Canadian Freestyle Team and my sister Sandra raced on the BC Team. My brother Ian and I went more for the artsy music side but both of us loved to hit the slopes on any given day. Skiing is in our blood and my parents, now in their mid seventies are still skiing up a storm! As kids, we were forced to appreciate the great outdoors ….pretty sure Mum locked the door behind us when we ventured outside in the dead of winter. To that end, we discovered all sorts of other activities to keep us amused in our snowy playground….snowshoeing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, tobogganing…you name it, we did it!

Why am I telling you this? Because Fernie has so much more to offer than the incredible skiing that I am so passionate about. For instance, have you ever curled? Now although this isn’t outdoors, we just had our Après Christmas Staff Party and we rented out the Fernie Curling Club! What a hoot! Their volunteers were phenomenal – extremely patient and by the end of the evening we were all dreaming about competing in the next Brier or even the Olympics (note to self: wear flat shoes for future curling outings…heels and ice…not a good combo)! I will admit that my favourite part was the yelling…you’re allowed to yell, to shout…..HURRYYYYYYYYY!!

Perhaps that’s a bit too much excitement, so let’s pull it back a bit and head out on one of the Snowshoe Trails for some peace, quiet and serenity. Book an interpretative Snowshoe Tour with Fernie Alpine Resort or pack a lunch and go out on your own and experience the wintertime bike trail system taking in the stunning views of the Lizard Range. In keeping with becoming one with nature, why not grab your Nordic gear and head up to Island Lake Lodge from their parking lot. Their Nordic trail will lead you into their pristine mountain wilderness – go for a loop around the lake, enjoy a delicious lunch, then ski back down the valley for your next activity – dogsledding!

Adventure Source Dogsled Tours is who you want to book with! They have tours to fit everyone’s needs….you can learn to work your own team or be a passenger…this experience will leave you wanting to pack your bags and head to Alaska for the next Iditarod! You want even more of a thrill? Alrighty then…how about adding a little horsepower….I’m talking a snowmobile outing with Prestige Tours. They offer 2 hours of adrenalin and up to a full day with optional BBQ and campfire lunch or dinner.

Speaking of adrenalin, Friday and Saturday nights you can bellow out your best Tarzan impersonation as you soar to new heights on the winter zipline at Fernie Alpine Resort.

You see? There is just no end of the fun to be had in Fernie, BC. Come spend a few nights with us in one of our Polar Peak Lodges or one of our Timberline condos (check out our specials), do some skiing and then book as many activities as you can so that you can go home and announce to all that will listen…..this one time in Fernie I….

Let us plan your vacation – it’s what we do!