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As a property owner, you face many alternatives and difficult decisions when choosing the best rental property manager for your Fernie, B.C., real estate investment.

Because we have been growing with Fernie since 1990, Fernie Lodging Company is the premiere rental and property manager of choice and we can help you achieve your goals with your property.

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Strong Benefits for Owners

  • Fernie Lodging Company consistently produces above-average revenues.
  • We are Fernie’s most professional and experienced management team.
  • We have an innovative sales marketing and sales team.
  • Our centralized Call Centre is open seven days a week. It utilizes industry standard systems and online booking capabilities.
  • Our onsite management teams, supported by centralized administration and accounting services, offers Suite Care to maximize the return on your investment while optimizing our guest’s experience and satisfaction.
  • Our proven business plan is flexible to respond to the changing travel and leisure industry.
    We have the successful track record that you expect as your accommodation partner.
  • Condos, Townhomes, Cabins and more

  • Hot Tub Maintenance

  • Full Service Property Management Solutions

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